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South Africa is well known for its quality wine offerings and with the oldest wine farm dating back to 1682 our wine heritage is rich & diverse. After 18 holes of golf on a beautiful sunny day there isn’t much better than sipping on the varietal of your choice at one of our wonderful wineries. The Explore More Travel team has in-depth wine knowledge in particular in & around Cape Town where the wine fanatic can access 5 magnificent wine districts within 100kms of the city centre.

On the southern slopes of the Table Mountain range lies the historic Constantia Valley, the cradle of winemaking in the Cape. There are only a handful of cellars in this premier ward, where the cool climate favours the production of white wines, notably Sauvignon Blanc, and where the tradition of producing remarkable wines since 1682 continues.

The district of Franschhoek retains its distinct French Huguenot character and is regarded as the ‘culinary capital’ of the Cape. Franschhoek offers some of the very best accommodation in the Cape, ranging from quaint B&B’s to luxurious boutique hotels. Explore More Franschhoek and enjoy the Franschhoek Wine Tram hop-on hop-off tour, a fantastic way to experience an array of picturesque vineyards, excellent restaurants, the beautiful town of Franschhoek and its breath-taking surrounds. A combination of tram and tram-bus transports passengers around a loop of stops allowing guests to experience the various activities on offer, be it wine tasting, cellar tours, lunch or simply a stroll through the vineyards or town before continuing the hop-on tour. The Explore More Travel team is on stand-by to assist with pre-booking this tour experience as well as your restaurant of choice during the days adventure.

The historical town of Stellenbosch, which features some of the finest examples of Cape Dutch architecture, boasts a winemaking tradition which stretches back to the end of the 17th century. Some of the 150 wine estates in this district, produce excellent examples of almost all the noble grape varieties and is known for the quality of its blended reds.

The Walker Bay & Hemel-en-Aarde Valley district, surrounding the seaside town of Hermanus, is reputed for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines which emanate from the Hemel-en-Aarde-Valley. The soils – predominantly weathered shales – and terroir are also ideal for cool-climate varieties. The Explore More Travel team’s favourite winery & restaurant in the valley is undoubtably Creation Winery. This family owned winery high up in the Hemel-en-Aarde-Valley, produces full-flavoured grapes of outstanding quality, allowing for the creation of complex wines for all wine lovers. Creation also features The Tasting Room, one of our favourite venues for a top end food & wine pairing experience! Leave space for desert, the Creation team offer a delectable chocolate & wine pairing which combines velvety smooth chocolate & Creation wines.

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