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Explore More Travel offers guests the opportunity to experience the Indian Ocean and its tropical Islands in all their glory! Our team are able to offer our guests extraordinary golfing & beach holidays in Mauritius, and the ultimate in incredible surf or romantic island beach holidays in the Maldives.

Mauritius is a friendly, inviting and beautiful island! If you are looking for incredible beaches, temples, lagoons, rainforests, reefs, waterfalls, shopping, scuba diving & snorkelling, water-skiing, parasailing, kite surfing, surfing, horse riding, championship golf courses or even just yoga … Mauritius has it all! The island is blessed with a tropical climate, the sun shines all year and with a large variety of hotels and resorts the Explore More Travel team is confident we can put together the perfect Indian Ocean Island experience for you, your family or your golfing group!

The Maldives is located on top of a vast underwater mountain range and has approximately 1190 islands and sandbanks. All the islands are encircled by a lagoon blessed with crystal clear water, housing one of the most exclusive and spectacular underwater life experiences on earth. If you’re looking for the ultimate surf experience then a Maldives surfing charter is one of the best ways to get to the many different waves and breaks available in the North & South Atolls. The best time for surf trips are between March & October when the Roaring Forties bring the best swells to the archipelago. If you are looking for the ultimate in a luxury island escape then look no further! Exquisite accommodation surrounded by crystal blue waters on magical islands can be yours. The Maldives offers all guests the romantic, adventurous beach holiday of their dreams.

Explore More Travel can also offer personalised holidays to Bali, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Zanzibar and Madagascar on request!

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